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Why Gluten Free Reviews?

Gluten Free Reviews was born out of Gluten Free Photography Journeys with Sweet Light Photos. Sweet Light Photos vets all the restaurants they visit on their photography workshops and it made sense to share this information.  It is difficult for Celiacs to eat out and especially to travel to new destinations. Knowing this, my husband and I developed structured review criteria to help Celiacs identify safe dining establishments.


I have always enjoyed traveling. After being diagnosed with Celiac in 2005, traveling to new and / or remote places became a hardship.  Even though various Celiac organizations in the U.S. have advanced the education of Celiac disease and gluten related sensitivities, it is still not main steam. Overseas, the knowledge of food sensitivities and allergies ranges from extremely knowledgeable (i.e., Italy) to not having a clue (Myanmar). Traveling with Celiac disease is a hardship, and can be overwhelming at times. There is the constant fear of “will there be anything I can eat?” and “will I get sick?”.

Restaurant Reviews Today

Many of the restaurant review sites today, are more general in nature and rely on individuals to post their experiences. Although a restaurant may have been able to accommodate one individual, there is no data in the review to know if you might have the same experience. My friends and family are always alerting me to a restaurant that now has “gluten free” on the menu. But if you are Celiac, the fact that an item on a menu can be made gluten free is no guarantee that you can actually eat safely at that establishment.

Goal of Gluten Free Reviews

The goal of Gluten Free Reviews is to provide a structured review that covers the critical aspects of a safe dining experience. It also provides a benchmark by which to compare restaurants, and a more detail view into the restaurant’s gluten free food handling process.

It is my hope that this site will provide an opportunity for others to be able to eat out and to travel to new places without having to stress about what and where to eat.

— Kathryn



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Gluten Free Reviews is a personal endeavor to benefit those like me with Celiac.  It is supported personal funds which cover hosting, URL, site maintenance as well as the cost of dining and creating the reviews. If you have benefited from the content on this site or would like to support the ongoing restaurant review process, please consider making a contribution to keep it online.  Thank you!

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