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Cuisine: American
Price: $$$

Gluten Free Dinner at Checkers in Lancaster

Lobster Bisque

Checkers Bistro in Lancaster, PA,  is within walking distance of the Lancaster Train Station, the historical Lancaster Arts Hotel and the campus of Franklin & Marshall College. Checkers offers fine dining in an updated historic building.

From their website,

“Checkers Bistro, located in the West End section of Lancaster City, showcases a unique blend of French, Asian and American cuisines, prepared by a skilled culinary Team.

Rustic elements of our historic building have been preserved and enhanced with classic décor, surrounding our guests with vintage elegance, within a hospitality driven atmosphere.”

I had dined here before a couple of years ago and had a wonderful experience, and thus, I was looking forward to a return visit. Of particular note is the photo gallery on one of walls in the main dining room which had been the inspiration for a photo gallery in our home.

Although the menu did not indicate gluten free options, our waitress was very knowledgeable on food ingredients and prep and was willing to work with me on almost any menu item.  When I asked about the fried calamari as an appetizer, I was informed that it is gluten free but prepared in a fryer that may introduce cross contamination. I was disappointed as I had enjoyed this option on a previous visit a couple of years ago. Apparently the restaurant had either changed their preparation of this option or I had not been properly informed previously.

Scallops Over Leeks

For my meal, I selected the Lobster Bisque (with lobster morsels for $8) to start, followed by the Seared Diver Scallops with truffled cream leeks ($24) as a main entree. Our table also shared a side of whipped potatoes ($6). When the waitress brought bread for the table, she apologized that she did not have a gluten free bread option, but offered to bring me out some fresh fruit.  This was a wonderful gesture, and I was delighted to enjoy a small aperitif of fresh blueberries and strawberries.

The food and the meal were enjoyable, and I would definitely return. 

Dined and Reviewed:  September 2018

7.6 Total Score
Checkers Biston - Gluten Free Fine Dining in Lancaster

Checkers Bistro is a fine dining restaurant within walking distance of the Lancaster Train Station, and near the historical Lancaster Arts Hotel and the campus of Franklin & Marshall College. Although their menu does not indicate gluten free offerings, the staff is knowledgeable and most dishes can be prepared gluten free.

Does menu clearly indicate GF options?
How diverse are the GF options?
Does staff clearly understand GF?
Did GF meal arrive at same time as other meals?
How good does the GF food taste?
How comfortable did I feel dining there?
Was the order accurate (all items GF)?
Does the restaurant have process for GF orders?
Did I experience any ill effects over 24 hours?
How likely am I to eat there again?
  • Staff are knowledgeable on gluten free
  • Menu is not marked for gluten free options
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