Celiac Friendly

Restaurants – Not Formally Reviewed

Gluten Free Reviews and the Gluten Free Criteria were established in the summer of 2016. This page contains restaurants that can accommodate Celiac’s and gluten sensitive individuals, but were dined at before the formal review process started. These include some personal favorites.

Time and travel permitting, these will be converted to formal reviews.

Chatham, Massachusetts

Eastward Ho Country Club 

I dined here for lunch as the guest of friends in May 2017. The staff are clearly educated on Celiac and other food allergies and sensitivities. Many of the items can be made gluten free. The food was fresh and delicious. Since this is not open to the public, no formal review will be completed.  If this were a public restaurant, it would receive high marks for being Celiac safe. 

Westborough, Massachusetts

Arturos’s Ristorante

54 East Main Street – Westborough, MA 01581 – Phone (508)-366-1881

Arturo’s offers Italian dining with a gluten free pizza crust, gluten free pasta and numerous items that can be made gluten free. Careful attention is paid to minimize the chance of cross contamination. Pasta is cooked in a separate pot. Staff are very knowledgeable about ingredients and food preparation. The menu is clearly marked as to which items can be made gluten free (as well as vegetarian).

Las Vegas, Nevada

At the Mandalay Resort, places I have safely eaten at:

Lupo by Wolfgang Puck (Italian)

Upscale dining venue with knowledgeable staff and gluten free options.

Burger Bar

Gluten free options (e.g., gluten free bun). Steak fries are gluten free. 


This option worked for both take-away and for s sit-down lunch. Staff seemed to understand gluten free needs.

Albuquerque, New Mexico

Artichoke Cafe

424 Central Ave SE • Albuquerque, NM 87102 • (505) 243-0200 

Artichoke Cafe is an upscale dining venue with gluten free options. Staff are knowledgeable and the menu is marked for gluten free. We’ve stopped here a couple of times as we’ve traveled cross country and enjoyed our dinner.