Not Celiac Friendly

Restaurants that didn’t make the cut

Not every restaurant that we visit is reviewed. If you are Celiac, you know that all too often there are times when you walk into a place and it just doesn’t feel safe.  Here are a few restaurants that we stopped at and for the reasons below, chose not to dine.

Scottsdale, AZ

Il Capo – Italian, September 15th, 2016

IL Capo offers up a casual dining atmosphere. The online menu and in restaurant lists a gluten free pizza option, and the in restaurant menu mentions a gluten free pasta option.  Our server was not knowledgeable on gluten free options (except noting they had a gluten free pizza crust and pasta), and whether the restaurant could accommodate gluten free needs. Upon checking with the kitchen, he came back with “if you have Celiac, you shouldn’t eat here”, and so we left.


Mammoth Lakes, CA

After researching these restaurants online both their websites, menus and reviews on Yelp, we stopped for dinner:


CJ’s Grill (rated 3.5/5 on yelp)

343 Old Mammoth Rd, Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546, (760) 934-3077

From the website: “Everything at CJ’s is made from scratch and in addition, if you are gluten sensitive or have food allergies, you’ll find you can safely dine here – and dine well because we know every ingredient in all of our foods.”

Upon visiting, little confidence was instilled from our host who mentioned they had GF buns for the hamburgers. We were the only ones in the restaurant on a Saturday night and the menu was limited to mostly hamburgers. Note, the menu online seemed more extensive. Crumbs on the table did not instill confidence and with the limited options, I chose not to eat here.

Delicious Kitchen (no website), 7am-9pm

452 Old Mammoth Rd (Sierra Center Mall)
Mammoth Lakes, CA 93546,  (760) 965-0665 ( rated on Yelp, 4.5/5)

Stopped here for dinner, and there was no indication on the menu for gluten free options. When we asked a staff member if they could accommodate, he hesitated and then said he could probably do a salad. We did not stay.

*Food Cache Café (9am – 8pm)

452 Old Mammoth Rd Suite 106, Mammoth Lakes CA 93546 

Stopped in here for dinner on a Saturday evening. It was empty and visually appeared to be a juice bar versus a full restaurant (note, their menu does state other options). Since I needed more than juice or a smoothie for dinner, we opted not to dine here.


437 Old Mammoth Rd
(Von’s shopping plaza) 760-934-7563, 11:30-9pm

Website indicates they offer GF pizza crust. Upon arriving and asking our hostess if they could accommodate a gluten free diner, she was not knowledgable and mentioned she thought they had pasta. She went back to the kitchen and a more seasoned employee mentioned they had GF pizza crust, but it was prepared in the same area and cooked in the same oven. A past Celiac employee had never had an issue, but they could not provide enough assurance for me to comfortably dine here.