Sprout – Rice and Noodles Restaurant

Phone: 717-392-7462
Website: https://riceandnoodlesrestaurant.com/

Cuisine: Vietnamese
Price: $$

Sprout – Rice and Noodles Restaurant 

Gluten Free Lunch in Lancaster

Pho at Sprout’s

Sprout, 10/9/17

Looking for lighter fare for lunch, I opted to try Sprout – Rice and Noodles Restaurant in downtown Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Sprout is a local Vietnamese family owned restaurant. Their online menu indicated a number of options that could be made gluten free.

The in store menu has gluten free items clearly marked. The owner / manager was definitely knowledgeable on ingredients and prep and which items could be accommodated and why. 

The restaurant is set up as a counter restaurant where orders are placed and then picked up by the customer. The atmosphere is light and bright. 

Spring rolls

I ordered Chicken Pho with an order of fresh spring rolls. 

Great service, good food.

Dined at:  September 2017

Reviewed: September 2017 

8.8 Total Score
Sprout - Rice and Noodles Restaurant - Gluten Free in Lancaster

Sprout - Rice and Noodles Restaurant offers gluten free Vietnamese options. Staff are knowledgeable about gluten free and they can accommodate the needs of a Celiac.

Does menu clearly indicate GF options?
How diverse are the GF options?
Does staff clearly understand GF?
Did GF meal arrive at same time as other meals?
How good does the GF food taste?
How comfortable did I feel dining there?
Was the order accurate (all items GF)?
Does the restaurant have process for GF orders?
Did I experience any ill effects over 24 hours?
How likely am I to eat there again?
  • Staff are knowledgeable on gluten free
  • Menu clearly marked for gluten free items
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